F*Yeah Fridays: Featuring a cool pair of Converse sneakers

We have a new lady today, and she is one multi-tasker-achiever of note.

Introducing Sam Wright!

Tell us a bit about yourself..

I’m a 28 year old single girl on the move. I’m the editor of Tech Girl, I show jump at open level, I have a day job as a marketing manager at a leading engineering firm and I run a small marketing firm as well. My day starts at 4:30 am as I wake up, pack a bag and run out the door. I go work my horses, change in a public bathroom, get to work, am on the road for meetings and the like and then after work tend to go to more meetings, events or try find time to meet friends for dinner.

I’m on the go 24/7 and I live out of a bag. I also travel a lot, either around South Africa to compete at horse shows or overseas for Tech Girl

How would you describe your style?

Easy is probably the best word. I love to add a bit of colour and fun in the form of funky Converse sneakers (I’m obsessed with their custom collections) or superhero Tshirts (which pair rather well with a smart jacket in a work setting, believe it or not). My style is also dictated by my lifestyle: I need stuff that travels well but can also easily transform from a work outfit into an evening outfit with little hassle.

Is there a particular person whose style you admire and would like to emulate?

She only recently popped on the scene but I’m a huge fan of Shailene Woodley. She has this very chilled vibe when out and about but glams it up well on the Red Carpet. Nothing looks uncomfortable or difficult to put together though. She seems to have found the link between stylish, sexy and still being comfortable in your own skin and what you’re wearing. I’d like to emulate that.

Do you find it easy to get dressed in the mornings?

Never. Because I’m on the go so much I tend to be limited by what I can do. I have minimal time to shower and change between riding horses and getting in the car to get to work. I don’t have the time I’d want to put together the outfits I’d like to wear or style my hair a particular way. I’ve tried transporting pretty dresses on hangers in the hope I can wear one for the day with limited success. I’ve found a happy medium, for the most part, but I do wish I had more time!

Do you play with your wardrobe or do you stick to the same combinations of clothing?

I try to buy items that I can mix and match. Jeans and leggings can go with most things but I need a shirt that goes with a pair of jeans, maybe a pair of my patterned pants and possibly a skirt, for the odd occasion I wear one. I used to be a same combination girl but it failed miserably. So I stopped.

Here she is :-)

SAM_0714 SAM_0716 SAM_0718 SAM_0722 SAMSUNG CSC

What is your favourite piece in this outfit?

Aside from my love affair with Converse, my puffer with the fur detail on the hood is a wardrobe favourite.

It is so useful for that extra layer, so it is my go-to in winter. I can smarten it up with pants and boots, or dress it down with jeans and sneakers.

Have you worn this combination before?

Kind of, I wear my puffer in so many ways

What do you think is lacking in this look, if anything?

Without a doubt a bit of femininity. I can do it and I do, when I have time. When I’m in a rush, sneakers, jeans and a pony tail suffice.


I love Sam’s look here, the puffer is anything but mumsy due to the fur detail on the hood – that’s what makes it. I love the fun converse, and the pop of colour in the shirt peeping out at the bottom.

Sam could totally glam this puffer up with leather pants or coated jeans, heels and a pair of statement earrings.

What say you about this look? Would you wear it? Anything you’d change?





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