Wardrobe Analysis

With your permission PippaJ will open your closet door! Every item is assessed to see what is working for you, and which unloved, unflattering items (the 1980’s head-band) must fly. We have an honest chat about your body shape and colouring, and start crafting the fabrics and colours that will suit you best. A Wardrobe Analysis will set you back less than a trip to the hair salon, with enduring results!

Personal Shopping

The beauty of this process is that I do the initial fashion-scouting for you, setting aside items that will suit your figure, colouring and pocket. You can either try these on in the shop of choice, or I can secure clothing items and bring them to you to try on in the privacy of your own home.

Corporate – For employees

Interactive Workshops

  • Induction programmes/Graduate programmes: A crucial element of being inducted into a work environment is to ensure that your employees look the part and adhere to the corporate dress code. Employees will learn how to build a professional wardrobe via an interactive workshop forum.
  • Team-building activity on or off-site: Together with the client we can build a fun and interactive workshop that serves to fulfill the team building activity’s overall objectives.
  • Wellness initiative: Demonstrate appreciation of your staff and their wellbeing by providing them with the tools to improve their personal image.

One-on-One style and colour consultations:

This package is more suited to small teams or individuals – perhaps offered as an incentive. Each employee receives a 30 minute mini-style consultation where they gain an understanding of their figure shape and colouring. A step further could be incentives via shopping vouchers for personal shopping.

A boardroom can be booked for a day and staff members receive 30 minute mini style and colour consultations, this can be at the employee or the employer’s cost.

For clients:

Personal shopping vouchers: Personal Shopping is a fresh and innovative idea for entertaining and gifting clients.

Full Day Make-Overs

This is loads of fun! I spend a full day with my client where we cover a brief wardrobe consult; a shopping trip, and hair & makeup styling. This is a great gift idea for a friend/partner. If you are looking for something different and revitalizing, why not treat someone you love to a day that is all about them!

Bridal Styling

It can already be enough of a challenge finding your dream wedding dress or choosing the right dress designer – never mind the stress of finding the perfect complimentary outfits for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, or the Mother of the Bride…and Groom!

The styling of the bridal party is as essential as planning the details of the wedding event. I can assist you with this entire process, where we work together to capture your personal style in choosing the dress, accessories, makeup and hair styling for you and the bridal party, while ensuring that this filters through into creating the defined “look” you want to achieve for your wedding.

Post-Baby and New Mum styling

Having babies definitely changes your figure shape, as I personally know only too well! Most mums are left wondering how to deal with their new shape, and feel unsure of how to dress for it. Added to which as a mum you’ve probably spent the last couple of years building a purely practical wardrobe. Incorporating some of the latest trends into your look always adds to your confidence, but finding the time to seek out those trends that work on your new figure shape is a challenge. All in all dressing and shopping can be a bit daunting!