Corporate: for employees

Do your employees’ appearances reflect your organisation’s brand?  Personal Styling services provide novel and interactive tools with which to engage your employees. A few ideas are listed below. Contact me to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Interactive Workshops

  • Induction programmes/Graduate programmes: A crucial element of being inducted into a work environment is to ensure that your employees look the part and adhere to the corporate dress code. Employees will learn how to build a professional wardrobe via an interactive workshop forum.
  • Team-building activity on or off-site: Together with the client we can build a fun and interactive workshop that serves to fulfill the team building activity’s overall objectives.
  • Wellness initiative: Demonstrate appreciation of your staff and their wellbeing by providing them with the tools to improve their personal image.

One-on-One style and colour consultations:

This package is more suited to small teams or individuals – perhaps offered as an incentive. Each employee receives a 30 minute mini-style consultation where they gain an understanding of their figure shape and colouring. A step further could be incentives via shopping vouchers for personal shopping.

A boardroom can be booked for a day and staff members receive 30 minute mini style and colour consultations, this can be at the employee or the employer’s cost.