Wardrobe Detox

I want you to have a wardrobe that you enjoy opening each morning. A wardrobe detox is the first step towards me helping you accomplish that.

Every item is assessed to see what is working for you, and which un-loved, unflattering items must go. We have an honest chat about your body shape colouring, and lifestyle; and start crafting the styles that will suit you best. We get to know one another a little better and together; we gain a deeper understanding of your clothing and style needs.

Personal Shopping

The beauty of this process is that I do the initial fashion scouting for you, setting aside items specific to your needs. You will be introduced to new styles that you may not ordinarily have chosen on your own. You’ll have honest input from me as to whether or not each item looks good on you, and in a short space of time you’ll go home with a sizable quantity of items that you actually need and will wear, injecting new life into your wardrobe.

You won’t make those expensive mistakes on dodgy purchases that get relegated to the back of your wardrobe!