What is ‘Style it Simple’?

Style it Simple is centered on simplifying the process of getting dressed each day.

I believe that the first step towards this process is to build a Minimalist Wardrobe.

What is a Minimalist Wardrobe?

It’s a wardrobe that consists of only items that you enjoy wearing, plus the basics that make it work for you. A Minimalist Wardrobe does NOT have to be half empty, or pared down, or consist of black, white and grey items only.

Who has the time to spend 30 minutes, or even 15 minutes choosing their outfit each morning? Most of us have a sum total of 5 minutes, right? And you need to factor in things like a make-up and hair routine. If you have a toddler opening and unpacking the drawers around you, dismantling your accessories and playing with the hairdryer plug point, then you have even less time. Never mind bigger children who need to have breakfast shoved in front of them while you crawl under the couch looking for their one missing school shoe. Wouldn’t you want to have a few extra few minutes to yourself, to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, rather than spending that time feeling frustrated – throwing on outfit after outfit, trying to find something you can feel comfortable in?

Having a Minimalist Wardrobe makes it simple and easy for you to choose and style your outfit.


Because every item that is in your wardrobe is either something you love, or something that truly works for you and your style. So the only thing you need to consider is what mood you are in (what do you feel like wearing?), or how your day’s activities and requirements might influence your choice of outfit.

Having a Minimalist Wardrobe allows you to enjoy the process of getting dressed each day.


Because every item that’s in there is either something you love, or something that truly works for you. I know – I just repeated myself. Are you getting the idea yet? 🙂

That’s how it works though. Truth! Whichever item you choose to put on, you know that you already enjoy wearing it. You can walk out the door feeling confident and happy with how you look.

If you have only items that you love, getting dressed in the morning is easy, it is a joy! You don’t have to waste energy on sifting through the unloved items that are cluttering your space, physically and emotionally.

Having a Minimalist Wardrobe is one of the steps towards simplifying your life, and don’t we all want to do that?