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The merits of having a jumpsuit in your wardrobe

You have a slightly dressy occasion and you're like yiiiiiiikes wtf am I going to wear??? Guys, if you have a jumpsuit as part of your wardrobe armour you will save yourself those wtf moments time and time again. A jumpsuit can be dressed up or down so easily, I'm not talking black-tie dress up (although you could probably find…read more
Capsule Wardrobe, Fashion, Fashion Trends, Minimalism, Style

The How and Why of building a Minimalist Wardrobe

If I was you and I read the title "How to build a minimalist wardrobe" I'd be thinking 'ho hum *yawn* ...I really don't need another person telling me how to do something that's just going to require more of my time'. And when it comes to fashion topics there are so many freakin' articles and opinions on the 'do's…read more