The merits of having a jumpsuit in your wardrobe

You have a slightly dressy occasion and you’re like yiiiiiiikes wtf am I going to wear??? Guys, if you have a jumpsuit as part of your wardrobe armour you will save yourself those wtf moments time and time again. A jumpsuit can be dressed up or down so easily, I’m not talking black-tie dress up (although you could probably find one that would be smart enough), I’m referring to that semi-formal lunch you need to attend, or that early evening drinks party where the dress code is something obscure like ‘bring your glam factor’. A jumpsuit is such a great go-to item to have, for any occasion. I have a few jumpsuits in my wardrobe and, due to the fact that I seldom have anywhere ‘dressy’ to go to, I mostly wear them casually for my day-to-day running around, seeing clients and fetching kids activities. The thing with a jumpsuit is you can transform it from casual to smart via your shoes and accessories. Sandals and sneakers for a casual look, and heels or pointy flats with some bling earrings and a blazer or leather jacket for a smarter occasion.

Check out my video on Facebook and Instagram to get some ideas on how to style my recent leopard addition, and see two more styles below. For all of the styles I’m featuring on Instagram and Facebook, as well as in this post, you can get a discount on the retail price by using the following codes:

For Sitting Pretty use code PIPPAJ10 at checkout and get 10% off.

For GOOD use code PIPPAJ and you will get 15% off.

Both brands give you free delivery on these jumpsuits. Promo ends midnight Sunday 26 January 2020.

Here’s me in the Sitting Pretty version…I absolutely love this jumpsuit, it is so simple, classic and stylish. Something you will never tire of wearing. The fabric is so soft making it a dream to wear. I had this in black at my pop up and it was a hot favourite.

And then the leopard options from GOOD are on the profesh model below…you can see a normal person aka me, wearing it in my Insta and Facebook video. 

The full length pic of the above leopard jumpsuit is in a different print, which is actually the print I had at my pop up but it has since sold out. It is the MOST flattering style for SO many different body shapes. It works on ‘hourglass’ and ‘pear’ ladies, as well as the complete opposite ‘apple’ or ‘brick’ shape i.e. no waist and bigger torso/shoulders than hips. Here it is in the other print so that you can see the full length.

So many women who tried this style at my pop up, (on my insistence) were like “I never thought I could wear a jumpsuit” and they looked so awesome in this style that they bought it, so I can highly recommend it.

The other option which would be amazing on curvy/pear/hourglass girls is this one from GOOD.  (as per my video)

I love this style as it’s so damn comfy and the wide leg pants are so flattering.

So like I said earlier, a jumpsuit is such a great go-to item to own in your wardrobe. It’s more edgy and interesting than a dress, but it’s as simple and easy to wear, in that it’s one stand alone item to put on and your outfit is done!

If you do decide to treat yourself to either of these jumpsuits, please share a photo of yourself wearing it, I’d love to see how you’ve styled it, be brave and tag me! 😉 

NOTE* the blue leopard shows as sold out in a lot of sizes online, however there is stock in their various stores so they will most likely be able to fulfill your order – please email the brand to let them know your size if you don’t come right online!

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  1. shona says:

    I love my jumpsuit that I bought at your pop up. I was one of those people who didn’t think a jumpsuit would suit me but that was until I tried one on and now I can’t imagine not having it my wardrobe!

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