How to edit your winter knitwear

It’s that beautiful time of year. The wind blows and leaves drift down from the trees. Different shapes of rusts, yellows and browns breaking through the clear blue skies. The mornings are crisp but not yet biting and the grass is still green *in the Highveld that is*.

I know we’re almost hitting the start of proper winter, but I’m hanging onto autumn for now, it’s a pretty magical season don’t you think?

Have you switched to your autumn-winter wardrobe yet? Whether or not you have or haven’t, now is the perfect time to get started with the old wardrobe clear out

Before you tackle your winter wardrobe, I suggest going through your summer items first. What you did and did not enjoy wearing will still be fresh in your head. It’s so liberating to let go of those unloved, unworn and unflattering items. Think about the time you’d waste by going through those clothes again next summer, as well as the physical and mental head space it requires to keep them – stuffed into a box or wardrobe in your home. That’s an incentive to let them go right?

Once you’re done with your summer clothes, take a look at what you’ve got in your wardrobe for winter. If it’s all a bit overwhelming, just start with one category. I’ll help you through this – we’re going to focus on knitwear only, for now.

If you’re a client of mine you’ll know all about my ‘bug bear’ with knitwear in this country. It’s tricky to find good quality, affordable knits that don’t stretch out or pill after one wash.

My biggest tip when shopping for jerseys is to check the label and the fabric content. Most knits comprise of nylon, polyester, acrylic and all sorts of other nasties, so; although they look luxurious and cashmere-like, check that damn label as they’re most probably not. Ideally you want to get a jersey that consists of only one, or a blend of only two to three fabrics, and these should, preferably, be natural i.e. cotton, silk and, or wool.

Considering we don’t have the coldest climate and winter is fairly short; if you buy smart, you won’t wear through your winter wardrobe quickly. I highly recommend investing as much as you can on your knitwear. Go for the more classic and easy-to-wear styles, that way you can wear your jerseys year after year and the investment pays off. Less is most definitely more in this wardrobe category. You really don’t need 20 different jerseys for such a short-lived season.

So let’s take an honest look at your knitwear.

Has it lost it’s shape?

Has the ribbing at the wrists or hips stretched?

Have the fish moths been at it?

And, most importantly – has it gone bobbly?! If it has, and if it’s a synthetic fabric, chances are no matter what methods you use to try and de-bobble it, it’s still going to look sh*t. Let it go. And don’t buy another one like it. However, if it’s starting to pill and it’s a cashmere or wool, you can definitely de-bobble it, just get one of those little machines that do the job, Woolies and Dis-chem sell them. You can even use a razor and just scrape the loose bits of wool off the jersey.

Generally speaking, and only when it comes to knitwear – price is often an indication of quality. But don’t rely on this as your yardstick, some brands carry expensively priced knits and they’re not going to last you more than one winter. So, again, check your labels! 

Here are a few autumn-ey pics my friend Sarah Cairns took, just for fun 🙂

Also ** There’ll be some beautiful jerseys and sweaters available at our event next week. All natural fibres like mohair, wool and cashmere…and not scratchy on the skin I promise, I’ve tried them.

P.S. Which is your favourite season? Belinda Mountain from Making Mountains wrote the most beautiful post on why she loves autumn called The Autumn Of Our Lives. I so enjoyed reading it and identified with so much of it. Have a read for yourself..




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  1. shona says:

    Your blog has inspired me to go and tackle my wardrobe and get rid of all my bobbly jerseys – which then justifies me buying myself a new one at your pop up event! 🙂

  2. Cherie says:

    I’d like to know if you can help an ordinary mom with a capsule wardrobe? And at what fee?
    Cherie – JHB

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