Basics for your bump

If you’re pregnant, then you really need to read this post.

If you’ve just had a baby, then you also really need to read this.

If you’re neither, you could still gain something from reading this post as the basics I’ll be referring to are so awesome you may consider getting yourself some anyway.

I was gifted some yummy mummy basics when pregnant with Ruby and it was probably the best selection of gifts I received.

The items I received were the following:

  • Bamboo nursing bra and nursing cami 
  • Bamboo tank top
  • Bamboo leggings
  • Bamboo knickers

You know that feeling when you put your bra/undies/cami on and it’s not comfy but you think: I’m gonna wear it for the day anyway cause I’m too lazy I don’t have time to take it off, and by the end of the day you cannot wait to get undressed? It’s the worst right?

So that doesn’t happen with anything in the bamboo range. I cannot stress enough how freaking awesome bamboo cotton is to wear. It literally feels like you’re wearing nothing.

I’ll be honest and admit that, had I not known how amazing the fabric is to wear, I would have definitely thought twice about purchasing any of the basics. Close on 600 bucks for a nursing cami seems a little steep at first, but now that I’ve had the personal experience of wearing it, I would spend that in a heartbeat. If you’re looking for maternity (and beyond) basics, I highly recommend just getting two of each and I promise you you’ll be set.

I’ll talk a little about some of the range, and then you can scroll down to the bottom for some pics of me in it 😉

I wear the tank top at least 4 times a week, it goes into the wash after every wear, and it’s still looking brand new. It’s my favourite of the lot. You can go bra-less with this if you’re wearing it under a jersey or just hanging out at home as it’s figure-hugging enough to hold the girls in place. I love being bra-less hence this being my fave. Whilst being figure-hugging it doesn’t feel constricting whatsoever, I can wear it all day and all night and never get that ‘can’t-wait-to-take-this-off’ feeling.

The nursing cami is the bomb, you can lift up your top and your tummy isn’t on show, and the bra bit is so easy to clip up and down with one hand. I also got the cross-over style (only available in store, not online) but to me this isn’t as comfy as it can ride up a bit over my boobs. I use this one to sleep in and it’s great for that. On that note – you know when you go away for a weekend with friends or extended family and you’re cruising around in the morning in your pyjamas, these camis are perfect for wearing under your pj’s as they keep the boobs in check but are still comfy enough to feel like jaamies.

The undies were great when pregnant as they didn’t cut into me. For now, I love wearing them under my pj’s, or under a dress. (I’m not a fan of a g-string under a dress, with my bum cheeks swaying around un-held, sorry for the not-so-kiff mental image).

I haven’t taken photos of me in all the range as you can see great visuals online and this bod is far from photographic-model-ready. Not that I actually care in the slightest, but I also don’t need to display myself in the nick all over my blog, you know what I mean…

So anyway if you’re on the look out for some ahmazing basics, you really need to consider this beautiful range

Photos thanks to Sarah Cairns.

** I received this range for editorial consideration, please note that I will never endorse or write about a product that I wouldn’t go out and buy for myself. 



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  1. shona says:

    I bought some of the bamboo range when I was preggers four years ago and they are still some of my most comfy items in my wardrobe! I love their shop on 4th Avenue Parkhurst.

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