How to pack for your holiday

Holiday packing is always a challenge. There’s invariably never enough space in your car – especially when you have kids, or if you’re flying you obviously have limited space, so you need to pack light! To me you need to pack things that can work for all holiday necessities – each item needs to serve at least 2 x purposes e.g. beach to braai. It’s the time when you really need to think of creating that perfect holiday capsule wardrobe. 

We are heading to the coast for two weeks. I’ve just posted a video sharing my beach essentials on Instagram.

Obvs there’s more detail on this post so read on if you like…Even if you’re going to the berg or somewhere inland, this list may help you with how to pack for your own holiday, and get you thinking about your holiday capsule. 

Side note: If you holiday overseas, like maybe you’re going to New York or somewhere equally glamorous, this list won’t apply, but if you tend to stay local like me, read on….

Jogger pants– I love these as they’re basically as comfy as wearing pyjamas, and who wouldn’t want to wear pj’s all day.

Shorts– NOT board shorts! I’m talking actual shorts that you wear around town. They’re perfect for wearing to the beach and back, great for hiking if you’re in the mountains, or just for strolls around the town you’re staying in. 

Tees and blouses – to be worn with said shorts. Blouses add a bit of glam factor for the evening and you can wear them with either the jogger pants or a pair of denims, whereas tees are more of a dress down option.

Kaftans/comfy shift dress in soft fabric– I wear one of these to the beach every day, some of them are sheer and very cool, others are a little longer and in a heavier fabric. Kaftans provide protection from the sun and they’re also great for wearing in the evening, or for when you come off the beach and change out of your wet cozzie, but you still want to feel beachy and comfy.

Scarves– perfect for adding that little bit of extra warmth for the slightly chilly evenings. They also work when worn as a sarong and can be thrown over your shoulders if you’ve had too much sun.

Leggings– Generally I’m not a fan of these, but I wear them SO much on holiday as they’re comfy and functional – easy to pair with a long-ish blouse or a basic tee and a longer length cardi. They’re great for the slightly colder days and also for keeping you warm on an evening beach stroll.

Comfy slip slops – easy to throw on and they make you feel like you’re on holiday

Running shoes –  not that I’m running again (yet), but I like to go for walks and I need to wear proper shoes for that. 

Puffer jacket – to keep you warm and snuggly when sitting around the campfire, or heading out onto a boat, or having sundowners on the rocks..

So those are my key holiday wardrobe basics, obviously I’ve taken the fact that it’s autumn into account…

What are your key basics when packing for your holiday? If you have any other tips please feel free to share 🙂

So I’m off on holiday, I’ll catch up with you again in May x





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  1. shona says:

    Packing tonight for our holiday on the coast (yay!) and your tips above are so useful. Here’s to my first holiday where I don’t pack too many clothes, half of which I don’t end up wearing. Thank you!

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