How to shop for, and enjoy wearing swimwear!

If you saw my video on beach cover ups, you might have come looking for this post on how to shop for swimwear.

If you’re really not looking forward to bringing out your cozzie, perhaps it’s time to spoil yourself with a new one, that actually makes you feel good – yes, they do exist! Whilst I’m not that into style ‘rules’ and specific ‘body shapes’, it can be handy to have some guidelines of what to look for. So if you’d like some tips on how to shop for swimwear, keep reading..

Before I get into them though, I need to let you know about the competition I’m running in partnership with Lingerie & Leisure, my go-to shop for swimwear that caters for real women i.e. women above the age of 18 who’s bodies may not be as taut and toned as those you see in magazines! They stock beautiful bikinis and one pieces that have proper support and are comfy to wear. 

Let’s start by talking about the one-piece. If you’re really not comfortable with your tummy and prefer to have it concealed, then this is obviously the style for you. Plus – this style is trending in a big way. Personally, I love one-pieces, they’re just a bit challenging for me due to my lack of boobs as they seem to flatten me out like a pancake. So, if you are flat-chested (hate that term but whatevs) finding the right style can be tricky. I’m thinking the deep V could work, I’ll let you know how I get on. A one-piece is so understated and feminine so I’m dead keen on finding one. I’m not talking your average Speedo that you train in in the gym, you get some really pretty one-piece designs from brands like Maaji; Seafolly; and even Woolies or Edgars for the more budget conscious. There are also a bunch of local brands on Insta (beach cult being one of the names I remember) that one could try, so do a search there. 

Ok, so now for some quick and easy tips on how to shop for swimwear:

1. If you have broad hips, simple-styled bottoms are better i.e. avoid ties, bows or ruffles at the hips

2. For narrow hips, the opposite of the above applies. Add some interest in the bottom half via colour, print or embellishment.

3. No boobs: the bandeau/strapless style works well. Go for a padded top if you want to provide the illusion of some boobs, or just embrace your small-ness and how easy it is for you to play beach bats without your girls bouncing around the place, and ditch the padding.

4. Big boobs: halter neck styles with underwire support are a great option, these don’t look like a bra as such, yet they offer the support of a bra.

5. No waist or weight around your tummy: ruching is your friend, as is a print. Both will provide the perfect amount of distraction and disguise.  ** Currently there are also loads of high-waisted bikini bottom options, that whole 60’s vintage look is trending again, which can be so flattering.

At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable and confident. My advice is to really try to get the best style for your body shape, and then to just embrace your figure and do what you like to do best when on the beach…be it swimming, playing bat and ball or just lounging. Nobody is really looking at you; they’re all too worried about their own body imperfections.   

I wish I had been less self-conscious when I was a taut and lean 20-something, I’m now much more carefree and happy with my body and it’s not nearly as good as it was 20 years ago! So I’ll leave you with a parting note: Enjoy your body for what it is TODAY, because next summer it will be a whole year older 😉

The financial outlay for a decent bikini is huge, and seems crazy, but I can personally account for the longevity of a brand like Seafolly – your bikini will literally last you 4 years, which saves you having to endure the process of shopping for another one, bonus. 



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  1. Erica Robertson says:

    Hi I enjoy your articles as I am heading towards 60 and being a size 8 it is very easy to do the mutton dressed as lamb thing. I need a personal stylist to help me out with a new style and wardrobe. Do you do this?

  2. Hi Pippa,
    I really need to find my own style.
    My job allows me to wear jeans and dress quite casually but I am feeling like I need to know what colors and styles suit me best – as I am also in the public eye a lot due to the type of work I do.
    Please help?

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