3 summer trends you want to know about!

Before I jump in, you may know my stance on whether or not to follow a trend – I don’t think it’s worth buying into a trend if it really doesn’t feel like you, or suit you. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s worth considering what’s trending each season, to see if anything appeals to you and can work for you – even if it’s as simple as getting an item in a seasonal colour. Adopting a few new trends can help to keep your wardrobe fresh and to keep you inspired when it comes to getting dressed each day.

Here are 3 of my favourite trends this season.

Structured and high-rise denim.

I’m a big fan as I sometimes find that denim that’s too soft isn’t actually that flattering i.e. I kind of feel like I’m wearing leggings and all the bits are on show, obvs there’s a balance here as if denim is too stiff it’s freaking uncomfortable, but I definitely like a bit of structure to my denim and there’s a lot of that in the shops now, yay. And high-rise is just always the better option for so many reasons – flattening the tummy, elongating the leg, not showing your panties when you bend over and and and…sourcesource

Pleated skirts 

These can be amazing or they can go really wrong and make your ass and hips look twice the size, it’s all in the cut so u just need to find the right one for you.sourcesource

We know that trends go in roundabouts right? A friend of mine is living proof of this as she literally has the ‘real deal’ pleated skirt i.e. she has two that she pulled from her granny’s wardrobe, she wears them on high rotation and they look amazeballs on her. So if you’ve invested in an item that happens to be on trend, it could be nice to hang onto it and pass it down a generation or two sometime, you never know how it’ll be styled 30 years from now!

Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants are totally timeless, they were trending last year already and I think they’re gonna be a top trend for some time still. * tip – most trends stick around for at least two seasons so can be worth the investment. Wide leg pants are so super flattering on a figure shape like mine, which is that of wide hips and narrow torso/small waist. So, if that describes you, you defos need to look into this trend. There are so many bold and fun variations on the wide leg, but you can also opt for a really classic style if it’s your first bash at wearing them. Here I am in a pair of wide leg pants from Merwe Salt, that I LOVE. After playing around when styling these with sequins and patent shoes, it has given me inspiration to wear them out at night, rather than my trusty denims + smart top combo.  * style tip – if you have wide leg pants, pointy pumps are the perfect shaped-shoe (amongst others) to wear with them. I’m wearing a pair from Pesso, one of my fave shoe brands.

There are a bunch more other trends out there for this spring/summer, but I just thought I’d share my top 3. 

Let me know if you have spotted one that you love, or one you hate??





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  1. Laurian says:

    I am short 152cm size 36 hips and 36 bust would I be able to rock wide legged pants or would I just look like a big block??

    • Pippa says:

      Hi Laurian, yes I really think you can. It’s just about trial and error i.e. there are SO many options in the shops and online, you just need to find the right fit. You get soft fabric, stiff fabric, pleats, no pleats etc. If you’re short I’d say look for the softer fabrics that drape easily, and wide legs that aren’t too ‘full’ or have too much fabric. Also, you could consider wearing a pair of wedges or platform sneakers (try Superga for these) to give your legs that little bit of extra length 😉

  2. Pauline says:

    Hi, I am a large on top and a 34 on the bottom. Most outfits make me look chunky instead of slimming me down especially tops

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