How to pack for your April holiday

With all the impending public holidays, chances are you’re going away for at least a weekend over the April period, if not then maybe you’ll find this article beneficial for your next trip.

The weird thing is that regardless of whether it’s a long weekend, or a two-week stint away, you basically need to pack the same stuff. If there’s a washing machine where you’re going you actually don’t need to pack more than what you would for a long weekend, unless you want a few more options.

If you’re one of those people who always packs too much, you might want to carry on reading for some quick and easy packing tips, as well as my standard list of what I take whenever I go away at this time of the year (and pretty much any time of year really).

The most obvious – consider the weather where you’re going. It is always going to be slightly chilly in the evenings in April, so make sure you pack a few extra layers. ** Disclaimer: If you’re going on a city break then you won’t find this packing list helpful, I’ll do another article for that if you think it would be helpful?

So let’s get into my list:

1. Comfy jeans – the last thing you want to feel on holiday is uncomfortable, so make sure you pack that fave pair of jeans for the odd rainy/cooler day.

2. Leggings/Track pants – even more comfy than jeans, and great to wear after a warm shower post your evening beach swim or mountain walk, when you’re not quite ready to get into your pj’s.

3. Long length button down shirt. I have a favourite soft denim one that is long enough to wear over leggings, or I wear it nipped into the front of my jeans, it’s also cool enough to wear on a warm day when I roll the sleeves, and it gives me proper sun coverage so is super versatile.

4. A few sleeveless vests and tees in black/white/grey/stripe. That way you have an option that can work for whatever you choose to wear on your bottom half.

5. 1 x printed/statement top in case I don’t feel like wearing one of my basics.

6. Slip slops – for easy slip ons to pop into town or down to the beach.

7. Running shoes – even though I don’t run (yet). I will always make a plan to go for some type of walk and you need the right shoes for that.

8. Slippers, I like to have warm feet. I’m not talking the bulky lambswool ones, just a woolies slip on does me fine.

9. Casual sneakers, they go with everything and if it’s a slightly cooler day I might not want to wear slops, but I also don’t like the look of my running shoes with a summery dress so that’s where the casual sneaker comes in.

10. Non-underwire bras, for wearing underneath pj’s if you’re going away with people that aren’t used to seeing you hanging loose as you’re dipping your rusk into your morning cuppa. I still wear my breastfeeding bras cause they’re the most comfy!

11. A summer dress – to throw on over a cozzie, to wear to lunch or moseying around the village you’re staying in.

12. A Kikoi/wrap – to wrap around your waist when you don’t feel like wearing shorts or pants, especially if you’re at the beach and are popping down for a swim, it can double up as a beach towel.

13. A scarf – to add that extra warmth on a cooler evening or beach walk.

14. Jacket.

15. A casual handbag. I love my little crossbody Missibaba one, or sometimes a pretty canvas tote.

The best advice I can give you is to stick to neutrals for the tops and bottoms, that way you can always make up an outfit and you get versatility with each piece i.e. you want to guarantee that you can pretty much wear each top with each pair of shorts/skirt.

Is this list helpful for you? Is there anything major that I’ve left out that is one of your must-haves?

If you’d like the packing list as a pdf drop me a comment below, or send me an email and I’ll send it to you.

This Article Has 5 Comments
  1. Shona says:

    This was the perfect read to keep in mind for next weeks trip to Durbs for easter especially as I’ll need to fit the kids stuff into my suitcase too!


  2. Pippa says:

    So glad, hope it helps 😉

  3. Annemie Mentz says:

    Could this work for a 2 week Eastern European trip during summer? Going on one with my daughter in June and although my Asics is the most comfortable shoe for all the walking, I absolutely hate wearing it with neat 3/4 pants or even jeans! You can spot the tourists from a mile away!
    Can you please send me the list? Or suggest a list for such a trip? Would really appreciate it!

  4. Pippa says:

    Hi Annemie, I’d say you could adapt the list I have put together, which I can email you if you send me your address? I think it serves as a great starting point…

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