Surviving ‘Silly Season’

This post has got nothing to do with style, which goes against all the ‘when starting a new blog’ rules of ensuring your content is niched and focused around the same topic. But, whatevs…

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me the most beautiful quote. It resonated so deeply with me that I had to share it. I sent it to my sister as I felt like it was particularly poignant for her – it’s been a year since her husband fell ill and what a year it’s been, together they have defied all odds. My heart bursts.

And then it got me thinking about this ‘Silly Season’ and the expected chaos around it..

Last week, early in the morning, I decided to take a walk into the garden. Everyone had been fed, including myself *very important*, my big boy had gone off to school in our lift club, my husband had gone to work and I found I was ready for the day before I needed to be. My little boy only needed to be at play school in an hour and I had a client later that morning. 

We had had that soaking rain the night before. The morning had that ‘just-washed’ feeling. I walked barefoot onto the damp earth holding my boy’s hand, Ruby on my hip, and we just took a stroll. I noticed the simple things; the lush green trees towering into the expanse of clear blue sky, the rolling golf-course-like-lawns thanks to the rain, the birds tweeting their morning chorus. 

Ben decided he wanted to feel the water in the pool, once he did that he wanted to swim so he stripped off his pj’s and jumped in. I waded on the step with Ruby. The sun was warm but not hot, the water was sparkly and fresh. 

It was beautiful. 

I relished the slowness of the morning.. before the rest of the day began.

I walked back to our house feeling relaxed, and filled with gratitude for all the things I’d noticed whilst being outside.

It got me thinking about the craziness of this December month. If you have kids at big school it feels kind of more hectic as there is a lot going on, I have just one child at big school and these last few weeks of school term have felt demanding, so I can only imagine if you have more than one.

But, at the end of the day, regardless of whether you have the kid thing going on or not, nobody’s physically chaining you to a post making sure you go to that carol service, that Christmas-drinks-get-together, that party…you can actually say no to some of it.

It’s not easy at this time of year; there’s a lot going on, and a lot to get done, and it’s tiring..But it’s almost as if we’re all conditioned to bemoan how ‘hectic’ it is, when actually, it doesn’t need to be, if we make the conscious choice to slow it all down. I read a blog post earlier today which gave some great tips on how to have a Slow December. You might like to read it.. 

So I guess I’m sharing all of this because maybe, especially over the holidays, you’ll remember to stop, jump off the treadmill, take a breath and hold onto a simple moment or two.  

If you’re not on Instagram and haven’t see that quote I mentioned earlier, here it is..by S.C Lourie

Isn’t it beautiful?

Happy Holidays xx




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