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This is the first post on my ‘new’ blog. If you haven’t read anything about what this blog is about, hop over here to get some background.

I had this idea to start a new blog from about October last year. I was pregnant at the time so I was starting to scale back on seeing clients due to the physical demands of the nature of my job. I was keen to get stuck into some writing. Once I started thinking about it, it consumed my mind every day, and I relished in that. I was utterly focused on it and couldn’t stop talking about it, brainstorming ideas constantly. To be honest I think I was irritating my friends, never mind my husband. I contacted a web designer, a social media campaign manager and a bunch of other experts in their field, and the plan was to hit the GO button, with a big bang PR launch in January 2017..

Then everything shifted.

We got the news about my sister’s husband’s diagnosis, and our world came crashing down. I didn’t think about this blog for the next 6 weeks, it fell way down my list of priorities.

I’m not going to get into the details of what is going on with my family right now, and all the emotions attached to it. All I can say is that it is a journey that none of us could have anticipated, one that is so tumultuous and so unknown, yet also so incredibly awe-inspiring on so many levels that I can’t begin to communicate it.


The focus for this blog was and will always be about simplicity, living light, and the reasons behind striving towards a simple life. As I said in the About page, I have been on this Minimalist journey for over a year now.

One of my key influencers is Brooke McAlary. She wrote this post on the concept of the term ‘balance’ which I want to share with you as it relates to where I’m at right now.

“If you look at balance as something you need to achieve every day – keeping the scales evenly weighted between your partner, your kids, your family, friends, yourself, your spirituality, health, keeping the home, your work – you simply won’t be able to do it. Because each day brings different challenges, different tasks and different needs from your life.

She talks about the concept of tilting, rather than balance.

“Instead, you need to learn to tilt. To willingly throw things out of balance. And, importantly, to be ok with that.

Actually, you need to embrace it.

Tilting allows you to focus on what is important in the moment”.

Read the full post here.

I’m currently also getting to grips with the precious new addition to our family, little Ruby Mae. So, at this moment, what is important is my immediate and extended family. As much as I am so super passionate about the concept of Style It Simple and want to share a truckload of cool stuff on this blog with you, right now, my family is my priority. I need to tilt towards that.

So, I’ll write posts as and when I can.

I’d love for you to subscribe so that when I do share something, you’ll be notified. It will be very infrequent for now, but I’ll be here.

P.S. I’m working on a small launch event in Jo’burg that is happening in June and I’d love you to come…I’ll share details ASAP!

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  1. Lexi Ross says:

    I adored your first blog post. Will definitely be following it. Thank you for the insight. It truly spoke to me at a time in my life when I really need to practice ‘Tilting’. x

  2. Trish says:

    This looks like a wonderful outlet for your creativity and writing Pippa, I look forward to reading. Sorry to hear about your sister’s husband – sending you much love. Trish x

    • Pippa says:

      Thanks Trish, and I love see your beautiful paintings on Instagram, had no idea you were such a talented artist!

  3. Liesl Cloete says:

    Great article Pippa! Congrats on beautiful Ruby Mae! Really love the idea of tilting! look forward to reading more…

  4. Thanks Pips for a lovely post and a great start! Tilting feels like it allows us to be so much kinder and more understanding to ourselves and others! Xx

  5. Juliette Jenner says:

    Synchronicity! Spent all day focusing on ’tilting’ and decluttering plans … looking forward to hearing more xxx

  6. Sarah Bell says:

    Pips, I love the idea of tilting – so practical! I look forward to tilting….and more importantly, hearing more on your blog. X

  7. Nix Smither says:

    Love this approach of ’tilting’ Pips. Looking forward to enjoying many more blog posts from you!

  8. Gráinne says:

    So sorry to hear about your brother in law, Cancer is such a destructive disease. Congrats n getting your blog up and running and on the arrival of Ruby Mae.

  9. Bits says:

    Still striving to find that balance – looking forward to hearing your tips on how to achieve it 🙂


    • Pippa says:

      Hi Bits, I don’t think there really is such a thing ..hence the article on Tilting, have a read through it 🙂

  10. Zanine says:

    This is awesome Pips, love the words and the look of your new blog! We’ve been on a similar journey of simplifying, trying to get rid of the physical and mental clutter. Look forward to reading about tilting! xx

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