What to wear on a date

If, like me, you don’t get out much. It’s sometimes quite fun to make an extra special effort for the odd occasion when you do. 

The other day my husband and I went to First Thursdays in Rosebank. I had been wanting to go for ages so was well excited that we managed to get our act together and get there. The plan was to go to Marble for a drink, and then take it from there. 

I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to ‘going out clothes’ – as my husband likes to refer to them, but I know I have at least 4 evening tops and that’s fine for now, considering that we hardly ever go out!

So if you’re at a bit of a loss as to what to wear on a date, I can give you some suggestions of a few basics to incorporate into your wardrobe that will enable you to always have something to wear. Here they are:

  1. A black silk shirt. I got mine from Everlane when a friend was in the U.S. as I had been hunting for one for so long and never found anything locally. 
  2. Anything with velvet. The texture of velvet takes your whole look up into the ‘smart’ category. I have worn my velvet-front sweater from Jigsaw too many times to remember and always get compliments on it. If velvet isn’t your thing think of having it as an accent, so even a thin velvet scarf or a top with velvet edging.
  3. A leather jacket. I always feel the cold so I usually take a jacket with me whenever we go out. A leather jacket works over basically anything and it’s way more cool than a pashmina!
  4. A pair of heels, or if you just don’t do heels, a pair of pointy flats in a shiny patent leather look awesome with skinnies or wide leg pants.
  5. A go-to pair of jeans that you know you look kick-ass in!
  6. Sequins – same as velvet, you don’t need to go all out but a sequinned accent gives instant glam factor. 

I could list a bunch more but those are just some ideas of basics that I know you’d use, from my own personal experience as well as my time with clients.

And if all else fails WEAR LIPSTICK!

What’s your go-to for an evening out or date night?

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