For the love of stripes..

I have too many striped tees, I know I said the same about my handbags *yikes*, but so what.

As I’ve said before, a Minimalist Wardrobe is not about limiting yourself to x amount of items, rather it is about having only items in it that you love.

And I love ALL my stripes!

One of the key things to consider when building a Minimalist Wardrobe is to have a look at your go-to ‘uniforms’ and to make sure you have the foundations for those. One of my uniforms is denim + a striped tee + a pair of sandals or sneakers. I wear this combination a lot. I like it and it works for me. So, if I have a lot of striped tees in my wardrobe that’s all good because I know I wear them on high rotation, and I feel good in them. Sorry – it seems that I’m talking about myself incessantly here, but I’m trying to give you an example. Can you relate?

The thing with stripes is that they have a bad name. So many of my clients will try something on that is striped and then say, “oh…this looks great, but I thought I wasn’t supposed to wear stripes?”

In those stupid style ‘rulebooks’ that exist all over the Internet, stripes get bandied about as making a person look wider or bigger, when in reality they can actually do the opposite. I’m not talking rugby jersey stripes – obvs, I’m talking the narrow kind, these can actually create the illusion of a waist, even if you don’t have one, promise!

Whenever I do a personal shopping trip for a client, a striped tee is always on my list, even if it’s not on theirs. (Unless of course said client has an aversion to them). Stripes really are a wardrobe basic that I believe everyone should own.

So, next time you’re in the shops, keep an eye out for a stripey top and if you see one you like and it fits you well, buy it, you’ll wear it more than you think!

Here are some stripes from my wardrobe…

P.S. The sandals in all the pics are from my friend at House Of Cinnamon, one of my favourite leather brands. If you like them you can shop these and other beautiful styles for yourself here





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