5 Easy Summer Holiday Looks

School’s out! Even if you don’t have kids in school, you’ll feel the shift in energy wherever you are, even something as basic as there being less traffic on the road is freakin awesome! 

I’ve done a bunch of shopping for clients over the past few weeks and they’ve all loved generating some easy holiday outfits. So here are 5 quick tips for holiday looks from me, obvs I could give you 25, but let’s keep it simple 🙂

Lunch time family get-together:

You can’t go wrong with that favourite summer dress. Cool, comfy and easy to wear. What’s not to love about that? A summer dress is SUCH a great option as all you have to do is throw it on, you don’t need to worry about what to pair it with. I featured another style of dress in one of my Instagram videos, if you’d like to check that out.

Braai at your mates..

Cropped jeans + tee + espadrilles is an easy go-to look. Everyone takes a pair of jeans on holiday right? And cropped denims are the best for summer. Jeans paired with a basic tee – enough said. Espadrilles are the summer shoe of the moment, it’s so worth getting yourself a version of these as they’ll always be a summer classic despite being on trend currently.

 Sundowners with friends..

Add a bit of glam factor with a kimono. Worn over said jeans and tee, a kimono adds game to your overall look. You can basically throw a kimono on over anything, shorts + tee, jumpsuit, dress…Check out my video on that one too, if you’d like to.

Everyday relaxing…

Calls for relaxed pants – yes please. And with an elasticated waist, even better *side note – there are elasticated pants and there are elasticated pants, please don’t buy the woolies 3/4 parachute fabric options! Wide legs are the pants of the season, but you can also opt for the jogger style in a lightweight rayon/linen or viscose if wide leg isn’t your thing. Dress them up with a blouse tucked in and metallic sandals, or just straight chill in them with sneakers and a t-shirt 😉

Accessorising for all of the above looks.

A straw or woven bag is so lovely as it’s just that much more casual than leather. There are a BUNCH of these in the shops at the moment, every major retailer has one for you to choose from so you’ll definitely find one that works for you.

I hope these give you some inspiration for your upcoming holiday. I’m all about being comfy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good too right? Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more every day style and outfit tips. 

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  1. Louise says:

    I need to know where I can get these it’s beautiful!

  2. Eva Williams says:

    Hi Pippa that orange/brown cold shoulder dress with white flowers where can I buy it and how much? Can I order online and can you deliver to Gauteng

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