Leopard print is on trend – you know it!

For this week’s trend post we’re talking of another timeless one that has been around forever, funny that and will never go away. I’m actually feeling a bit bombarded by it to be honest, it is everywhere in the stores and some of it is a bit too literal, or obvious – which I don’t actually like. 

Don’t get me wrong; I am a massive fan of animal print. Whenever I do a wardrobe detox I always advise my clients to own a pair of animal print shoes, they just add the perfect x factor to an outfit. They’re also actually a neutral as they can work with so many outfits. Picture a woman in a black suit, a simple grey silk blouse and black shoes, boring right? Now picture the same woman in the same suit, but with a pair of animal print shoes – way more interesting don’t you think? Right now leopard print is trending but who’s to say that next year it’s not going to be snake print?

Anyhoo, here’s some inspo for wearing leopard print.

I love this top, it’s not a true leopard print as the colours aren’t actually the colours of a leopard. You don’t get grey leopards. But we’re talking fashion here so let’s not obsess.

Basically this top is a less obvious interpretation of something that is so hugely on trend – which I do like.

Same goes for this top from GOOD, the black and green print merely hints at leopard which I think is lovely.

If you’re just wanting an accent though – a scarf or a pair of shoes in leopard print is so easy to wear.

Are you up for some spots of the leopard this winter?







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  1. Cara says:

    You are prolific with your posting lately, well done! I love your posts cos, without diminishing them, they’re like a little holiday from real life – like, ‘oooh! What does Pippa have to say? **smiling**’ I know it’s not going to be bad news… 😂

    Ok; is the green top the same style/cut as the grey? I look better in darker colours.
    What shoes are those? (I have no winter shoes and live in a cold house!)
    I’m thinking of how I can shop your popup remotely… 🤔😁

  2. Carolyne says:

    Good day Pippa
    This is Carolyne from Moon boutique.
    We would love for you to come in and have a look at what we have to offer to you and your clientele.
    We are situated in Kalk Bay and are stockists of South African designers.

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