How to build your Summer Capsule Wardrobe

“I want to create a capsule wardrobe where everything mixes and matches, how do I do that”?

“What things should I have in my wardrobe if I want to have a capsule wardrobe”?

“How many items do you think I should own for my capsule wardrobe”?

These are just some of the questions I get asked from my clients and followers on the topic of a capsule wardrobe.

So, for this summer season I have documented some of the key items that I think are important to have in your summer wardrobe – to help make getting dressed easy, fun and effortless.

* Disclaimer – this is a long blog post so if you want to skip straight to the list just scroll all the way down and sign up 😉

Before I get into the list there are a few very important points that I need to highlight.

  1. There is no one-size-fits-all list when it comes to building a capsule wardrobe, For example, an artist will have a VERY different capsule wardrobe to an attorney!
  2. We all have unique body shapes. A maxi dress may look amazing on one woman and awful on another – due to their different body shape. So it’s about tailoring the suggestions on the list, to make them work for you.
  3. Most of the items I list are figure shape dependent. For example, a jumpsuit – there are multiple versions of these, you need to find the one that suits your shape i.e. if you’re very straight and have no waist, then you don’t want a jumpsuit that wraps or has a seam into the waist, you’d rather look for an empire line or dropped waist style.

You might not like something I have listed, for no other reason than that you flat out don’t like it, and that’s cool.

So, with the above points in mind I have generated a list that is geared towards women who are 30+ and who are not required to wear corporate attire from Monday – Friday. If you work in a corporate environment you will probably still find this list useful as it will pertain to your weekend wardrobe, and there will very likely be some crossover between the two environments.

If you have any questions or need help deciding which style of a particular item might suit you, please feel free to comment below. I can also offer a one-on-one virtual consultation to help you figure out what works for you especially, so drop me an email if you think you’d like that.

SO in a nutshell – this list is something that is meant to help you. A lot of people feel that their wardrobe doesn’t work, when in actual fact they just need to replace a few gaps and then the whole thing comes together. I really don’t like the messaging that is splashed across women’s magazines like “the jacket you NEED to own this season” and the like, so please don’t interpret this list as something like that – it is really just something to inspire you and to help you.

Also, if there is something that you find to be a summer essential please share it with me!

P.S. I haven’t included beachwear, blog post on that to come 😉

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